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About the new Collection Discussion


Oakley Beginner
Hi there! I’m new here, but a widely fan of the brand and products.
I saw at their website the new apparel collection, which contains Tech clothes. I’m happy they still innovate, not with the same frequency but still. I have another brand Gore-Tex jacket and as a festival freak, I can say that this technology is unique and awesome!
Keep in mind that this membrane is impermeable, keeps the water from rain out, but the breathability still works. This is just a shell, requires at least a long sleeve under to work as expected. The skin can’t have contact with the membrane, because of insulation.
Well, that’s my point of view of the new collection technologies.
Although, the water column of the goretex is 28.000mm
Please, if you have something to contribute with the discussion, go ahead and leave your vision! Thanks

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