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  1. gonzo the great

    gonzo the great Oakley Beginner

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    i'm looking to buy a new pair of RX Oakleys, can't really decide between Servo or Tailspins.
    i currently wear a pair of Black Tumbler, i so love these but for some reason the arms are now discolouring...

    i really would like to know what places i can trust buying from,

    I've been looking at SmartByGlasses & ShadeStation & discountedsunglasses007 (ebay)

    Oakley OX1099 TAILSPIN 109906 Glasses | Buy Online at SmartBuyGlasses UK

    Oakley Tailspin OX1099-0653 Glasses - Shade Station

    Oakley RX Glasses Frames Servo 1066-04 Black Brick | eBay

    thanks in advance
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakwood

    Oakwood Oakley Beginner Premium Member

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    Both are very nice frames! But the servo frames are known to stretch out real easily causing it to be loose on your head and falling off. So you may have to visit your optician and have it adjusted every once in a while