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  1. kaos

    kaos Oakley Beginner

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    My Eye Jackets are still going strong after all these years but I am wanting to restore the paint on the Oakley logos. What would be a good brand and type of paint to do this? Is there a particular color code other than just grey?

    I'd also like to remove the ear socks to clean up some gunk under them but I fear that would snap the arms off because of how tight they are on there. Is there a trick to getting them off safely? Thanks in advance.

    Advice needed restoring Eye Jacket 1.0 - AN5kwGD.jpg
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  2. SiRacer420

    SiRacer420 I've got a few Oakleys Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Can't speak for the paint, but warm water should help on the socks. Warm not hot lol
  3. dr.chop

    dr.chop Oakley Expert

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    1shot striping enamel will do the trick or even testors model enamel. You will have to brush it on by hand and give it a good 12-24 hours minimum drying time...as for the socks, twist em slightly until they break loose, and then squirt a bit of lens cleaner down the stem where they meet and turn em til they slide off. real easy.