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Advice /recommendation on design


Oakley Beginner
Good afternoon all

Firstly hi to all as I have just joined this forum.

I was hoping to get some advice on some sunglasses that I would like to order from Oakley. I currently wear a pair of Trillbe X sunglasses (see through with blue polarised lenses). I would like to buy two more pairs of sunglasses for work and driving. I don’t want anything big or radical and the lenses will need to be prism polarised lenses.

I tried on the Oakley frogskins but wasn’t keen on the shape, the top outer corner of the frame seemed to be too pointy for the shape of my face. I have looked at Oakley Holbrooks as they don’t seem too big and also they offer the custom option and I was looking at blue and green lenses (so I had a bit of a change available). Could any one advise?

I was also looking at the cameo option on the frames- could anyone tell me if the Matt grey / black camo option subtle? I’d appreciate any help.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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