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  1. M3KDJ

    M3KDJ Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    Hi All,

    Looking for some tips / advice for next years holiday in the US....

    We normally holiday over in the western US (CA, AZ, NV etc) but next year are looking to spend some time in Orlando, then drive up to Washington DC, Niagra Falls and finish up in New York...

    We've got 16 days to play with (probably spend 8 in Orlando) and was looking for some advice as to how much time we'd need in Washington and then New York to do all the touristy stuff....?

    Looking at google maps the drive from Kissimmee to Washington DC (couple of nights here maybe?) is around 880 miles and whilst I'm not that bothered about doing the drive in one go I wondered if there was anything worth seeing / doing on the way up (the north / south Carolina state line looks about half way?)

    Obviously making a note of all the possible Oakley store visits on route :cool-33:

    Any suggestions are appreciated!


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