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  1. bubba g

    bubba g Oakley Beginner

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    Anyone on here know if any company or optical store are willing to sell aftermarket Oakley prescription lenses? I need them mainly to fit the XX x metal frames. Everytime I order it from Oakley, it costs me $300 for the lenses. Wondering if there are aftermarket alternatives? Too bad Linegear or Walleva doesn't sell prescription lenses, would save me a fortune.
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  2. Aprilia Man

    Aprilia Man Oakley Beginner

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    Can you just not bring the frame to any optical clinic and they can custom fit your prescription lenses to your frame?
  3. talismanx

    talismanx Oakley Beginner

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    I can't be sure about the XX but I got a pair of prescription lenses for a pair of Juliets from my eye doctors office. Can't find the receipt but I know with insurance all in (including the Juliets new from Oakley) it was $320. So without insurance it was probably about $150 for the polarized, mirrored anti-glare lenses. Here is a pic of them.

    Aftermarket Oakley Prescription Lenses? - prC7V.jpg

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