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I have a pair of Airbrakes for snowboarding, but now need a pair of goggles for my dirtbike.

Before I buy a pair of Airbrake MX's, I'm curious if anyone knows if the lenses are interchangable between the two frames.

I know the MX version has the quick release latch on both sides where the snow version only has it on one side.

Anyone for sure or have both?

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Beast Coast
They are not interchangeable. Not only because the lens profiles is different, but the base curves & lens curvature type are different...

The Airbrake MX has a 6.5 Base Curve, and is only cylindrical (1 axis of curvature; L/R only) lens, as most MX do - some snow goggles have a cylindrical lenses; Fall Line & Line Miner.

The Airbrake Snow has a 8.0 Base Curve, and uses a spherical (2 axis of curvature) lens, as most other snow goggles tend to have; Flight Deck, Canopy, Crowbar, Splice, A-Frame etc.


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