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  1. Lerenis

    Lerenis Oakley Beginner

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    After multiple attempts to get my lenses fitted for my Rx, I've decided to keep them original. I tried a couple of different Oakley certified prescription dealers, and they said Oakley does not fill Rx's for discontinued models. I understand why because if they break them they cannot replace them. I opted to go with contacts and keep the original lenses in the frames. I did get a different place to quote me a set of lenses for them and they came back with $240! And that is with my prescription plan covering most of it! Otherwise, they would have been somewhere around $700!

    The other thing they mentioned at the eyeglass place was my Ti02's were not legit. Oh really? They said since my lenses were not etched with the Oakley logo, they were not real. I laughed and said they didn't start doing that until years later and that these X-metal frames were 15 years old. I showed them the serial number and they didn't buy it. Whatever, I'm sort of glad I didn't leave them there. Besides, I use to live in Foothill Ranch, California, where Oakley's corporate headquarters is located!
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  2. mopiko

    mopiko Oakley Collector

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    Tio2 etched with Oakley logo!?
  3. Dyeraudio

    Dyeraudio Juliet Enthusiast

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    This is an Rx lens that came in my X Metal XX. Its clearly engraved. You can clearly see the Icon but its strange because its so high on the lens. Almost in the line of sight. I have seen the same logo on a pair of Rx Juliet lenses that came in a pair off CL.

    Alas, no Rx for my Ti02's... - amyjute4.jpg