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Almost bought Juliets for $45US!


I should Work at Oakley
A relatively local seller (4 hour drive) had a pair of Juliets posted and was asking $60 Canadian ($45 US). I was all set to get them but then he upped his price to $160 ($120 US). I guess someone clued him in on the value. His ad changed from "these are $300 new" to "these are $450 new I believe". The lenses are scratched, he wouldn't answer my question about the box and coin, and he won't ship or send on the bus, so I am not going to spend 8 hours in the car to see these. Too bad. I thought I had one of those great deals :(



Unlucky bro, so close yet so far away.... Wouldn't you just love to get your hands on the person who gave him the heads up :vinsent:
Thanks all. I'm guessing they would have needed a lot of work, or at least I will tell myself that ;)
4 hours each way. I originally wanted him to ship and I would cover all expenses, but he replied "I want someone to show up at my house and hand me $60. That's it. ". I also wanted to buy a Kawasaki jacket he has for sale. My wife has a friend close to him so she was going to pick things up for me but he wouldn't reply when I asked for his address.
I am in NB, Canada and the Juliets are in NS, not far from Halifax. His ad is no longer up so I'm guessing they are gone.