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  1. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    i just got back from meeting a guy who had a set of Jawbones for sale on CraigsList. He wanted $100 for what is described as:

    "Selling these Oakleys, they are in perfect, like new condition, comes with a case, and cloth.

    $100 or best offer"

    I offered $75 and he accepted. Got to the meet, he handed me the case and I instantly smelled something fishy. The case was too light, squished easily. The Glasses felt thin, light... something was off. I checked the lenses, which were grubby but not scratched, then I realized.. These don't have vents... or a HINGE. Pretty accurate Oakley logos, raised lettering for Made in USA and Jawbone inside the stems.

    I'm no Oakley pro, I'm not aware of all of the cases, iterations, intricacies, etc. I was excited since I decided my next pair was going to be a Jawbone or Split Jacket, barring any great deals, and I saw these posted today and jumped in with both feet.

    He claimed he traded a set of Police Radars for them. I apologized for the news and wished him a good night.

    Maybe you guys are sharp enough to call it a fake right off, but I was duped until I had them in hand.

    Images saved for when the ad is pulled
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  2. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    That's intense. This is why I'm skeptical of Craigslist but at least you didn't buy them on the internet and find out once you received them.
  3. good2mod

    good2mod Oakley Collector

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    that soft case can be easily determine as fake.
  4. Andrew Oakley

    Andrew Oakley Oakley Beginner

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    Yeah whenever you see those kinds of cases they always indicate a fake! Also the Oakley symbol on the bridge of the nose is a dead give away for the jawbone. Some frames do have it but most of them do not.
  5. OBlazer

    OBlazer Oakley Enthusiast

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    The case is a huge red flag right off the bat. glad you caught it before you threw down the cash!
  6. RetinaBurn

    RetinaBurn Oakley Enthusiast

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    Glad you didn't get taken. The case is an easy read, should not have and Oakley tag (and a bad one at that). Anytime "comes with a cloth" is mention is another fed flag. Oakley does not put cleaning cloths with sunglasses. Accident avoided.
  7. Razerwire

    Razerwire And then there was X...

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    One of the great things about this forum is that you won't get fake stuff. Plus a lot of the guys here are walking encyclopedias of all things Oakley.

    P.S. My Split Jackets need a new owner! :D
  8. Menendez1293

    Menendez1293 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Man good call. A lot of the stuff on Craigslist in my area is fake. I saw the pictures and the case was the first thing that caught my eye then the letters between the lenses.

    But they do make jawbones without Vents in the lenses I have non vented black iridium lenses in mine.
  9. Coolluke

    Coolluke Oakley Beginner

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    I actually handled a pair of fake Jawbones from a Craigslist seller. On the surface they looked pretty convincing. However the plastic had a little more flex to it. The jaw opening was a bit flimsy and the lenses color was a bit off. But it could probably fool the uneducated
  10. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I had no idea about the case. I've seen a soft vault that had the two-tone look before.

    And like I said, I don't know enough to spot the presence or lack thereof of a nose bridge logo to spot a fake. I guess I should do a little more research before I go meeting people on CL again.

    I like it here already, great members.

    I don't do white frames or else I probably would have picked those up. I plan on getting a Wind Jacket gasket if I get Splits, just for fun I guess. They may be a great motorcycle setup.