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Amber/Yellow tint question


Oakley Beginner
I tried out a pair of what I believe were Prizm Ruby Holbrooks recently and found I quite liked them. I was only able to try the pair in an indoor store but I noticed the warmer tint compared to the other pair I was trying on with a grey base. After doing some research, I learned they have an amber base so I tried them again at another store with outdoor views to get a better look. It was weird at first but I get why people like them.

Today I borrowed a similar pair from a different brand from a friend to see what it was like to wear them outdoors. My question is, what are these amber base lenses like to wear long term? I don't mind looking at everything with the colors slightly off, when wearing these lenses, but it's a weird sensation whenever I take them off shifting from an amber or yellowish tint back to seeing things with the naked eye. I'm not sure if this can cause or contribute to any type of additional fatigue or eye strain, or whether this adjustment every time I put them on and take them off has any other ill effects compared to lenses that provide more accurate colors. Any additional observations from people used to wearing yellow/amber tint lens for long periods are most welcome.

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Pretty much wired.
Prizm Ruby is a Prizm Bronze base.
I find bronze base lenses among my favourites, and find no strain or fatigue. “Yellow” may be another matter.
As always, YMMV…


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West Michigan
Yep, Ruby is a bronze , and it's quite on the "cool" tone side due to the red mirror in front, whereas Tungsten (also bronze base) is very warm.

Regarding fatigue, that's usually not with the color since our eyes adjust to different white balances all day between daylight to super warm 2400K street lights.

What will cause strain are lenses that are not clear, distorted, don't match up with each other, have flares or chromatic aberrations etc.