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American Pickers wearing woman's Oakleys?


Oakley Beginner
I was watching American Pickers on the History Channel tonight and Mike Wolfe was wearing new pair of Oakleys.

He had be wearing Oakley Hijinx in the past, but tonight he was wearing something very interesting....

I'm pretty sure he was wearing the Necessity in Polished Black/Gray


Do you think he's wearing those because he likes how they fit or did someone at a store steer him wrong?

I have seen several dudes wearing women's shades...but they're usually South American and on vacation in Orlando.
Honestly except for stems the Black/ Black encounter looks more like a guy's than the new huge fashion styles to me at least from front...remind me of the twenties..... I got pair for 50 on ebay and have no shame...not one person has said anything disparaging..one guy even said if Oakley still made more wraps like that he'd switch back from Nike
The encounters do look unisex for sure. I used to wear my g/f's Ravishing in a pinch if I was driving and forgot my glasses.
I just watched the Arizona episode and at one point Mike had like 3 pair of glasses on in a 10-15 secon clip. While on the phone he had one pair on then show the woman he talking to then show him again with different pair on Im like ?huh? Just a bit later another pair with clear lens.

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