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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by rolondo, 9/11/11.

  1. rolondo


    I thought I wouldn't be a collector. Really. I thought that the 16 or so Oakley's that I own is because I just love to wear them. I have 4 pairs of jawbones, as an example, because I love the lenses and the versatility that comes from a modular style of sunglasses that allows me to switch lenses and parts. And so, with the Ichiro Radar's I was lucky enough to get at a Vault for $100, I found myself at a tipping point. I love those. For some reason the script-style frame, combined with the pale green ear socks and logo, just speaks to me. it's a neat color combination. And I found myself searching for earlier Ichiro Radar's that, as you are quite aware I'm sure, go for a LOT of money. And I decided I don't need them. I like what I have, and the cost/coolness ration just isn't as obvious to me.


    I keep finding myself here. And searching for something new and cool.

    Damn.....I may be in trouble afterall. Sigh....

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. S-works


    aren't we all...

    at least, u r not alone in this... :)


  3. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    welcome to the trouble :redface:
    you will find a lot of stuff in this forum and after that you probably start to spend more money for glasses . . .
    that´s the addiction!

  4. Oakley_Sight


    Welcome..................& breakout Mr Credit Card.

  5. Hed568



  6. rolondo


    Thanks! Uhhh...I think.

    I suspect I just joined a forum with a bunch of enablers and yes men. You guys are only going to make things worse and my collection larger. I have no doubt about this. Sigh....

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