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Another Fake Time Bomb II on eBay

Sun & Sand

I should Work at Oakley
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Another fake Time Bomb II has popped up on eBay, this time as item number 401012397730


Hardly surprising, considering what the last fake sold for:


Oddly, although it's being sold under a different eBay user ID, the photos and description appear to be the same ones used in the previous fake Time Bomb II sold on eBay, item 121754547674, and the "story" in the description, saying that the watch was authenticated by an Oakley Store, is the same claim made by the seller of the previous fake Time Bomb II.
Thanks for the heads up. How can you tell a fake TBII from a real one besides the obvious missing box and papers?
Geez is this the same pic and everything? The carbon fiber around the face was done with a crayon. The word Oakley is all wrong on the O engine. Does it say Timex on it too?
Thanks. It's scary how close the fake is. Same as with the fake MM, it's almost a perfect replica.

True that man...... Simple rule........ no box you don't buy.........

Also there is a TB 2 serial list of forum owners somewhere in the watch discussion area..... so that can also help.....