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  1. Hitech Vojtech

    Hitech Vojtech Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hi guys does anyone know if there is coming some cool O'matter model soon in Active line up?
    I really miss Straight jackets, or minutes,or scars ,valves or any of these models that looks much more sexy and alien ,comparing current ''Active'' models that Oakley is selling Anybody know some info ?specially strqaight jackets the last models I ve seen a lot on the streets so I would expect release of new design for this model.
    hope something will be coming :)
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  2. G-901

    G-901 Oakley Expert

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    I do believe all models you mentioned are now discoed but minutes and new SJ come up on Oakley vault.com and 6pm.com occasionally(both were on 6pm.com as of yesterday)
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