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Any Plain Black NON-REFLECTIVE Lenses for Oakley Juliet available out there?


Oakley Beginner
So, I've been tryna look for a standard pair of plain black lenses to fit my Oakley Juliet. But ironically, for such a common design choice for sunglass lenses, they're almost impossible to find. :confused:
Basically, I'm just looking for low-profile lenses to be installed in my Juliet Plasma. I believe I do have a pair of Oakley Black Iridium lenses (acquired from another Juliet purchase), and I had them installed on my Plasma. But I found the reflection to be a bit too strong for my preference due to the 'Iridium-ness' i.e reflectiveness lol...


NOTE: Actually, I may need some help on identifying these lenses... Are they actually Black Iridium or a possible Grey Iridium?

Anyway, I found that the Oakley Romeo that Tom Cruise wore in Mission: Impossible 2 had the ideal lens color I'm looking for. But then I'm not sure if these were a custom movie prop set or were they actually Black Iridium lenses?

LINEGEAR Japan apparently sells these JULIET - Black - NXT® EMBEDDED - Non Polarized lenses which may be the closest option, but they have a high Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of >20%. At that value, they're not really that much black but I think just 'well-shaded'.

Could anybody advise me on this and possibly recommend some alternate options?
Much appreciated all! Thanks again!

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Dark gray lenses would give you that look. They're just plain lenses, look like black iridium but they don't really have iridium on em so don't have a mirror look. I'm not sure the light transmission on dark gray though.

Hi, we can make black, non-reflective lenses for you in premium polarized, standard polarized, or non-polarized. All our lenses are made in polycarbonate with 100% UV protection and anti-oil coating. If you have any questions please reach out :)
Thanks for reaching out to me! Based on my initial observation on your website, the Volcanic Black seems to be the closest option to suit my needs. However, could you possibly provide some real-life sample pics of these lenses?