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Any Sneakerheads In The House?

This is technically not my first pick up, but the first one that ended up in my hands.

Nike Ja 1 "Christmas"

The Ja 1 has kinda fallen down my list of favorites when newer models rolled out. Would've liked it lower, rounder, lighter, fit a little closer — it's not as "fun" altogether, and has this stupid tongue squeak like an AJ13 — but virtually nothing matches the consistency of traction I've experienced in these. It's not at all uncomfortable. It's like a budget Kobe 4 in my mind.

I'm expecting to just offload my Ember Glow pair. Was mainly out just to have one pair, but at the time I got the only pair available with Ja's situation in question.

This was one of my top picks with choices opening up, but I wrote it off because it seemed to be a limited drop. Then I found it stocked in store this weekend so I figured I'll just act on it in case it is still meant to be uncommon.

One pair of Hey Dude suddenly turned into five pairs. I bought three on a blowout sale at Scheels, $50 for three. Americana, Go Blue, and Christmas.

I vowed to myself if I saw the black leather Wally Grip, I would get it. They popped up and I got them.

It is also when I discovered there are different levels to these shoes. The Go Sox felt like I had nothing on, as if I was walking on the ground, not a nice feeling. I’m glad I only paid $10 for them. If o would have paid retail, I would have been pissed. I’m glad the leather ones were my first intro into the brand.
Technically my first pickup of the year

Jordan 4 Black/Cement/Red "Reimagined" via SNKRS shock drop

I wasn't particularly dying to have these, but kinda hard to pass up a chance to have them a couple taps away. I'd even say the same about a retail double up.

Looks great with the shape, leather is really nice. The sensation of wearing the shoe didn't really move any needles for me, though. The slightly higher cut is felt, but doesn't improve any fit/feel for me — compared to how some recent 3's have a revised shape/cut — so there's a bit of felt redundancy with having the 2019 retro. But all in all, it's nice to have.

Adidas Crazy 8 All Star

Been a long wait to have these. Last retro (2011?) wasn't quite the priority as by the time I could shop it, it was going for resale while other Crazy 8's were going dirt cheap (got the black/white from 2015), and I was in a chain of chasing newer releases at retail.

I'm guessing the alterations vs the original are in the same vein as the other Crazy 8 releases in the past year — some kind of revamp to the builds while retaining the general same colorways.

All Star Weekend does not stop. Pair 3 out of 4.

Adidas AE1 "The Future"/All Star
Can't take these out today because of weather, but so far these feel like they have a lot of promise. These feel like a mix of proper yet different at the same time.

I kinda feel that Adidas has taken some bad experimental moves in recent years, and technically this is an experiment in itself, but it turned out nice here. I've been hearing the Harden 7 was killer, and the Harden 8 also followed suit.

I might need a less "pretty" pair to run as a beater.

Nike KD4 Retro "Galaxy"

Been a long wait to finally have one of these. First wear impression hasn't been great, but if it goes the way of other fuse-based pairs I've owned, it only gets better with time.

I hope