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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by JOHN Oakley RadarFan, 3/9/16.

  1. JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    I use my Ballistic M frames for get army use, but has anyone had the new Oakley shooting specific tombstones and if they are more superior to the ballistic M frame array?

    I also saw that they had the prism in one array pack which I though is an aspect where it is better than the standard m frame ballistics.

    Apart from that, the frameless and switch lock makes me cringe about bringing it onto ops

    Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil PRIZM Array in MATTE BLACK / CLEAR | Oakley

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Bmxman98


    With the interchangeable part permanently attached to the lens, I'd bet it's rock solid.

  3. IntenseImage


    Had em, hated how loose they fit (and I have a big head) ... You looked down and they slid down your nose. Sold em quickly
    JOHN Oakley RadarFan likes this.

  4. Ventruck


    This is the only thing I know about them, also based off firsthand experience in stores. I assume they're more secure under headsets and helmets, but it kills the versatility for me. Swap system is really cool, though.

    In your situation, I'd be looking at the M-Frame Alpha. The Tombstone is more of a competitive shooting pair

  5. IntenseImage


    I am a competition shooter :)

    Just means I stick w my Radars w TR45 lenses

  6. JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    Thanks, that's a bit of info I needed

  7. JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    Can you post a pic of the m frame alpha?
    Cheers, John

  8. Patient_Cero


    Oakley SI new releases

  9. JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    Cheers, definitely will have to get a pair sometime. The hard case box looks sick as well. Generally, this seems to be a product which Oakley has put a lot of thought into

  10. Rustpot


    I have both the Alpha and the Tombstone, and I shoot (though not currently in a league or getting out as much as I'd like). As well as every other M Frame.

    The Tombstone is a sporting pair. I would NOT use them for duty/safety/etc outside of the specific role of competition. But for that I love them.

    Full review on the Alpha coming soon. Initial impression; Radarlock EV meets M Frame. Good to go.

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