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Anybody going to NY comic con


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Montréal, Qc
Hello O brothers and sisters !

I'm wondering if any of you is going to New York Comic con. My better half is collecting figures and she is into Mega Man now. There will be one variant of the figure exclusive to the event and she really really would like to have it. Since it is the only forum I am subscribed to I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask, and people here know me well. The figure is 79,99$ and I would paypal you the money as soon as we agree on a deal.

Here are the infos : http://news.toyark.com/2015/09/23/truforce-nycc-2015-exclusive-x-kai-mega-man-x-figure-176552

Thanks a millions guys, I really hope together we can make this happen !

I don't know if this belong here or the everything else sale forum...

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