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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Lotsashades, 5/5/18.

  1. Lotsashades


    It's been the focal point of my multi-brand shades collection housing up to over 80 pairs at one point. Time for someone else to enjoy

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    What part of Florida. I am near tampa

  3. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    What part of Florida?

  4. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Back off:vinsent:

    Wesleypipesyo likes this.

  5. Chris515000

    Chris515000 Premium Member

    What's up with this post? Was there a question about a display? Or are you trying to sell sonerhing?o_O

  6. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    I responded first trump you back off. Ha ha. I have been looking for one of these for a while
    "TRUMP" likes this.

  7. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    My offer for it is $1 more than whatever titanx offers:spiteful:

  8. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    "TRUMP" likes this.

  9. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Seriously though I need a double wide bad right now. There hasn't been as many for sale on our CL lately like there was last year
    Wesleypipesyo likes this.

  10. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    Me too. There aren’t any cases near me. Except a double X METAL case the guy wants 900 for. How about this @ “trump”. If it is near you I will leave it alone. If it’s near me you leave it alone.
    "TRUMP" likes this.

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