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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by stevan5150, 8/30/11.

  1. stevan5150


    I know that this was notorious on Fake oakleys, but its not uncommon to see it on authentic frames as well. I received a mint condition 1st gen Black racing jacket , i went to wipe the smudges off the polished black finish and then BAM! the "k" started to rub off. I was mortified! I honestly was kinda sick to my stomach, i even had a hard time sleeping that night. Well I pondered on how to fix it but there was nothing that tiny that i could find to redraw the "k" with out it looking stupid and messy. So i rubbed the rest of it all for a clean black frame, whats ironic is the OA LEY was hard as heck to rub off, go figure....But it kinda looks better not having the name there. I was never a fan of the nosebridge logo on racing jackets but i wanted to keep it original you know. ...OH well.

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  2. Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    They have been printing it there since the dawn of time and it always rubs off in the centre "k" area as this is the point you touch to push them up your nose when they slip down! skin oils eat through it over time, can always tell a well worn pair by it. you can have a water based transfer made to replace it, it'll look identical but will wear off even easier than the original! nothing for it but complete removal as you've done. always a shame tho init? i feel for ya dude

  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Funny this thread comes up.... I have vintage frames, some have the Oakley print some don't, There was a time I question whether the ones I had were authentic or not. Most of my matte finish frames do not have it.

  4. Oakley_Sight


    I got the first generation of the Splice & this did not have Oakley on the nose bridge. Yet the later ones did. Was it also true that the earlier Monster Dog's had Oakley on the bridge too?

  5. Razerwire


    My Flak Jacket is the only pair with the print on the nosebridge. I try to avoid handling it at the nosebridge solely because of the fear of it rubbing off in the long run. I always handle them by the hinges and ear stems.

  6. stevan5150


    YEah stupid me missed out on some authentic splices on ebay the other day for 65 bucks , cause I forgot that some of the splices had the name on the bridge.
    They were the montoya version, they sold in less than 10 mins

  7. del518


    I have 2 pair of Fives 2.0. Both pairs had the 'K' missing at one point. One pair I rubbed the rest of it off. The other paid I just left as is.

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