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Anyone have experience with Prescription Oakley glasses?


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Great lenses. Just have to get used to them for about a week. Digital lenses are polycarbonate and expensive.


X Metal Workshop
I use prescription Oakleys daily and they're very good. I've got them in clear/grey transition and a bunch of polar/non-polar lenses.

If you're getting them for sunglasses then I'd highly recommend paying the extra $ for backside AR (anti-reflective) coating. Most of mine didn't have them because nobody told me about that feature.

Sun & Sand

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I'd love to get Oakley prescription Flak Jacket lenses, but my astigmatism is too strong :(
If you haven't contacted Oakley recently about putting your prescription in a Flak Jacket, you might want to try one more time: Oakley has added a few prescription lens options designed to allow stronger prescriptions to fit into high-wrap frames.
Even if Oakley can't make your Rx fit, other optical labs may be able to make lenses in your prescription to fit the Flak Jacket.
If you're interested, I bet @Chris A Hardaway could probably give you more info about some of the options available from Oakley and other optical labs for strong prescription lenses.
In San Diego and online, authorized Oakley dealer SportRx offers the choice of Oakley or non-Oakley prescription lenses for the Flak Jacket, which may give you the chance to fit your prescription in a Flak Jacket:
Oakley Flak Jacket Prescription Sunglasses | SportRx
In Denver, Sports Optical specializes in fitting prescription lenses to sports-oriented frames like the Flak Jacket. They may be able to put your prescription in a Flak Jacket:
Sports Optical ::: Sunglasses, Prescriptions Sunglasses and Exclusive 'Direct Lens Technology'


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I had quite the experience when I wanted to get Prescription eyeglasses made out of a pair of Juliets. Initially I went to a number of Oakley authorized dealers such as Visionworks, My Eye Dr, and a few others. They wouldn't even touch them because the frames weren't one of Oakley's frames off the rack, the extreme wrap, and the fact that the model is no longer in production. Finally Lenscrafters called Oakley and they agreed to make lenses for it. $225 and 2 1/2 weeks later they arrived and they get many compliments and comments. Some call them cool, some weird, some call them "Superhero Glasses." The lenses themselves are of supreme quality and they etch an 'O' in them, which is an especially nice touch:)


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