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Anyone Know If Eyepatch Lenses Will Fit In The Eye Patch 2


Oakley Beginner
I currently have a pair of Eyepatch lenses and am wondering if the lenses will fit into a pair of EyePatch 2 sunglasses? Has anyone tried this?
actually they will fit! we had guy come in with the original Eyepatchs on and we asked if we could check them out fast and see if the new lenses would fit and they did, which for all you people with the originals are in luck once they start to customize those bad boys
damn that´s a pretty good news!
i wanna order some replacement lenses . . .
Thats cool to know. I think there's a ton of original Eyepatch lenses in variety of colors available for pretty cheap still

No prob. Yeah anyone who likes the II's and wants to customize is going to have a field day! I'm just pissed because I wanted the Violet lenses for a pair of my 1's. I still haven't given up though :wink: