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Anyone Know Where Can Buy Oakley Inmate Brushed Chrome W/ Chrome Iridium 24-032??


I should Work at Oakley
Sydney, Australia
I've been looking at buying the inmates for a while now but wasn't completely happy with the lack of lens options. Warm grey and grey are nice
lenses but i like iridiums a lot more and was after something different. This has lead me to search the web to try to find this model, however
have had no luck as yet.

if anyone knows where i can get a pair, please let me know
i learn something new here everyday. i never knew inmates came with chrome lenses.

neither did i until i was googling it. Different lense/frame combos came up on o review and there was some listings on ebay in the US but i
missed out, listing had finished last month. I was originally going for the VR28 black iridium but i cant find anywhere in my area that has a pair i can try on....everywhere has the probations and any other wire frame you can think of but no inmates at all. i think i may have to take a chance on this one if i can find the ones i want
shield lens frames don't fit that much different to it's dual lens counterpart. maybe except for the batwolf. I really like the probation but dont think i could pull it off.
I found this thread while looking for the Brushed Chrome/Chrome Iridium 24-032 listed on O-Review. Since there is no pic on the Review, I'm assuming they're super magical. Anybody know anything about these? I like the Inmates and would like to get a look at the Chromed Out version....
It's not chromed out, brushed chrome is dull. It really makes the chrome lens stand out
I've been looking for ast of these for a while now. Just missed out on a set on eBay last year. Haven't seen another pair since. Good luck. :headbang:
Oh, and if u want to see what they look like...bad guy in the chopper i believe, at the beginning of the A-Team movie is wearing them ;)

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