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Anyone Know Where I Can Find Some Asian Fit Gascans?


Oakley Beginner
I've been looking to buy some Asian Fit Gascans since it seems like the arms wont pinch on my cheekbones as much but I've been having trouble since they have been discontinued. Anyone have any leads? Thanks!
Good luck buddy. I've been looking for these FOREVER haha. The only ones I have come across are some pure white ones at the local Oakley store nearby. Have you tried the Gascan S? They fit my face pretty well (I'm Asian)
That's odd. I love the Gascan's the most because they fit me personally the best. They don't make contact with any part of my face, and proportionally, they suit my face the best. If you want, I can pick up the White Asian Fit Gascan's from the local O Store and send them your way. Or maybe you can actually call them and they can send them to you? Not sure. It's the Oakley Store at Woodfield, Shaumburg IL. They're the only O Store near me that actually stocks Asian Fit glasses. I know they have some Asian Straight Jacket's too.