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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Razerwire, 8/27/11.

  1. Razerwire


    My Split Jackets which are polished white with blue thru bolts and icons. It comes with the ice iridium and light grey lenses but I wanted some vented ones. I checked Oakley's accessory lenses and the only vented ones available that I'd consider would be the black iridium vented or the clear vented.

    My question to you all is this: What's the logic behind clear lenses? I don't think there's any aspect of my daily routine that would require clear lenses. What are the situations in daily life that would require the use of clear lenses? I'm mean, if it's bright outside, wouldn't a clear lens be pretty much useless or is it only meant for overcast/low lit/practically dark situations? Or is it more of a protective eyewear thing like if you're working with power tools?

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  2. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    Inside protection or very low light. Clear is mainly meant for safety or night use.

  3. Razerwire


    Oh. Basically no situation that I'll ever be in. LOL

    I really want the vented Jade Iridium since the blue/purple off the green would go with the rest of the frame. But the vented Jade is only available on the black frame and not as an accessory set. :(

    Is there a way around that? Perhaps by calling up Oakley and asking the warranty department?

  4. RetinaBurn


    I have used my clear lenses as safety glasses and on early morning and late evening bicycle rides.

  5. OBlazer


    Your best bet is finding someone willing to trade...

  6. The Game

    The Game

    I use mine with my o rokr when I'm inside as well

  7. Razerwire


    Really? Damn. I was hoping that Oakley's customer service line would be able to land me a set.

  8. OBlazer


    It never hurts to try, but Jade lenses are only available in prebuilts, so its a little less likely theyll be able to get them to you

  9. Razerwire


    Yeah I'll definitely give them a ring. Is Oakley usually pretty good about making prebuilt accessories available at a later date? I can understand them not making special edition or exclusive accessories available but simple prebuilt stuff should be fair game right?

  10. Hed568


    you know what, there used to be a guy on another forum that cuts lenses... he was a legend until he retired from doing it and collecting oakley at that... he would have cut you one to fit your split jackets

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