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Anyone Replace Half-X Lenses?


Oakley Beginner
I have a pair of Plasma/Ice Iridiums and wanted to swap out the Ice for the Black. After getting the replacement lenses I found that the notch in the Ice lenses where the frame grips it is cut slightly deeper than on the new lenses I just got. This actually makes it impossible for me to install the lenses since the frame will not screw back together due to the difference. Has anyone else encountered anything like this? I have included a picture showing the issue.


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Oakley Enthusiast
Premium Member
Chicago, IL
probly just a defect in the lens. ive seen it happen in our store with flak jacket lenses. just call them and say its off. im sure they will replace them with no problem

The Game

Oakley Collector
they were always a bitch to replace. i remember trying to talk people into buying the prebuilds rather than customs because i never wanted to install the lenses. i was happy when they took them from the stores