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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by music_man185, 7/22/11.

  1. music_man185


    i'm not talking about prescription lenses in a sunglass frame. just eyeglasses. i'm blind as a bat without corrective lenses. i wear contacts everyday. but at night, i take them out and wear my glasses. my glasses are on the better side of 10 years old and its time for some new ones. i'm pretty new to the oakley family. but i love my sunglasses, so naturally, i'm looking into their eyeglasses.

    in terms of eyeglasses, i like small, thin frames. i definitely dont like the "buddy holly" look or anything similar, like a lot of people are wearing now a days. there are several frames on oakley.com that i like. i'm especially digging the mono shocks. but basically i'm just looking for any kind of reviews on oakley eyeglasses in general. do they have a secure comfortable fit like the sunglasses? durability? what about pricing? i know this will have many factors, but i dont have insurance, so price may be an issue.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD


    From what i understand, all the Rx frames by Oakley are made in China. When i heard about this, i went down to my local Lens Crafters and looked at their Oakley selection and it's true. All the frames have "Made in China" printed on the ear stems. I don't understand why Oakley chose to do this.

    I've also read reviews and have friends that complain that they break pretty easily, especially with the rimless and half rimmed models.

    It was because of those reasons i went with the Square Whisker frame and had Rx lenses put in. I feel much better about a USA made frame and plus, once i renew my prescription, i can pop the Black Iridium lenses back in and use them as sunglasses.



    "Rocking Prescription Eyeglasses" LOL

    Now that sounds funny! :boink:
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  4. S-works


    Strange... I've got 2 RX frames, a Whisker 6B and Bracket 4.1. Neither of them has "Made in China" printed on them...

    Never noticed this on other frames though... Maybe I'll go take a quick look at the other RX frames...

  5. RetinaBurn


    I believe all of Oakley's acetate frames are made in China. The metal frames are still made in the good ole USA. I don't have perscription glasses, but I do use the Oakley reading glasses. I have a couple of pairs and the fit and finish is your typical Oakley that you would expect. If your looking for cheaper frames try a Vault store or even the vault.com. Some of the glasses they have on oakleyvault.com are Rx models and they just put regular sunglass lenses in them, i.e. Voltage 2, Rotor 4, Concrete.

  6. OBlazer


    I have the rough house and they are infact made in China. I would steer clear of the acetate frames because over time warped a little and its a constant battle to keep them tight

  7. music_man185


    what are the acetate frames?

  8. OBlazer


    a cheaper plastic used in RX frames that are not considered Omatter.

    Chinese products...

  9. Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    I looked into Oakley RX glasses but none of them jumped out at me, as a 15 year Oakley veteran i guess i am used to wearing large over the top sunglasses so when i found out my eyes were failing i immediately looked to Oakley for my prescription glasses!

    The made in china thing put me off them, as did the bland same-old styling of most of the frames, so i ended up doing what another poster did: put rx lenses in sunglass frames! i believe he did Whiskers.

    I had a pair of custom X Squared made in by Oakley in the European superlab in Ireland, plasma frames with clear rx lenses, and i have to say i will never ever buy or need another pair of prescription glasses..... these things are AWESOME, so awesome in fact a friend of mine had the same glasses made in a different frame colour! i have also seen rx Mars and Juliets.

    This is totally the way to go, speak to Oakley and they will hook you up. you won't regret it....!!!!

  10. FearGearGarage


    I agree with Jim, I was put off by all the RX frames in the current lines due to quality (flimsy) and place of origin (China). I had a pair of my Gascans fitted last week with RX lenses and plan to have a pair of Romeo's done if they can accommodate the curvature of the lens prescription I need...
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