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Anyone Wear The Ice Iridium Lenses?


Oakley Beginner
Hi, I'm thinking about ordering some custom radar ranges or M frame heaters with the ice iridium lenses. Does anyone have this tint that can make a recommendation about buying them? It seems like they really limit the transition of light and are designed for bright areas. I primarily plan to use the lenses for road biking in Louisiana.
Ice is for extremely bright light at 10%....although a friend of mine who bikes over 120 miles a week swears by Black Iridium which is essentially the same. I think its a matter of where you ride and personal taste. Road riders I know here in California go for lenses like Ice because its bright most of the time.
I wear them on my gascans and I prefer them over the black iridium on my m-frames even though they are essentially the same lens.
I have probably 15 pair with the ice iridium lenses. I love them and they are great for bright light!
I wear them on my Jury's Distressed Silver/Ice Iridium. They are good lenses, definitely dark. These were my first Ice Iridium, and I didn't expect them to be that dark, but they are my second darkest pair after my Black Iridium Polarized Radars.
I mean can it withstand the bright flash of a nuclear bomb. If it did protect against that oakley's stock would go up with the doomsday crowd. haha.
I think my black iridium m frames are darker slightly than my prescription ice iridium flak jackets. Could be the difference in prescription, or that they are 7 years apart in when they were made. I'd think for biking, you may want a non gray based tint for when you go into shaded areas for greater contrast.