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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by Belfry, 2/23/16.

  1. Belfry


    So iv been scouring the Internet for cheap project frames and within that time I don't think iv seen a standard pair in ok condition go for less the £45 -£50...

    Iv been trying to find black frames specificly but would have taken owt

    I think the base costs are coming up so top end frogs should start flowing soon
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  2. Jacob L

    Jacob L

    I have seen that in frogskins too and other frames as well. Holbrooks don't go for under $100 usd right now in near mint condition. I try and snipe frames such as the nicky hayden and deuce coupe but have had struggles haha. The last frame I sniped was a pair of max fearlights with scratched lenses for $55 usd.
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  3. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie

    Its not dead... Just waiting for the right time to resurface...
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  4. GenericMIKE


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  5. QLR1

    QLR1 Premium Member

    I don't think they are necessarily dead, but black anything seems to command a premium price. A red Holbrook frame can be had for $60 to $70. Frogs have gone as low as $50 and lower than that with a extra sale in a physical Vault.

    Just a theory from what I've seen in the sneakerhead world.
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  6. OGfrog


    Yes the market is dead. And it probably won't rebound for quite some time if it ever does.

    This forum used to be incredibly active and now it can go several days with no frogskin discussion.

    St pattys going for 535 on ebay should be all the proof you need.

    It was a hell of a run and with the collabs it was a very fun creative platform for oakley.

    Can't say I really look forward to anything oakley puts out these days.
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  7. Belfry


    .....suppose we can only wait around for the super 1 offs but even that seems to have slowed....
    like I say though it's weird how the low end basic frogs seem to be steady away all the time even lately there still seems to be the interest there....
    but then slacking on the collaboration peices which doesn't drive the topend seems odd....

    Suppose it's simler to ever other market ....keep the basic model bringing in cash and nice models for the special edition /one off/ marketing pieces when needs must....
    or in the frogskins some sort of re-hash when needs must
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  8. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    Perhaps a Gen 4. IMO even though I love the frame to death as most of you know. I'd say kill it for 5 years. A rehash in Gen 4 with new colabs colors and styles. While still maintaining the lure and beauty. Release only in limited numbers. Most people now can walk into an O store or vault and choose from over 50 different color frames and have unlimited amounts to buy. This is what's killed it for most. I remember going into the store and seeing maybe 6 colors and only 1 or two available for purchase. Poor lense selection and dried up used colors have also contributed to the downfall. I may be the type of person that's buys the new releases but I still love the old limited colors the best and of course the colabs from 5 plus years ago. I've tried to cash in on rare peice coming available so it's been good for me. All in all. Dump the production on frogs and rehash it in 5 years. I'd start collecting again I'm sure. As for holbrooks I feel they are still craved and need to continue to be produced. Some of the new releases the quarter were impressive even if they are just simple colors. Love the new SGH black and clear fade. I just need to grab the catalyst as well. :grin:
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  9. SoulFulFrog

    SoulFulFrog Staff Member Premium Member

    You always say it the best. I agree with you totally.

  10. joshbrinzo

    joshbrinzo Premium Member

    I totally agree about all of this. The biggest problem is that it started to seem watered down. There was a constant use of the same colors and schemes. It just made Frogskins toned down and somewhat boring. There are a few new releases that are very fun though. I love the new High Grade pairs. I'll give a little breakdown of how I am feeling on the whole situation.

    Frogskins have been somewhat dead recently. Back when they revived the frame, there were some great pairs that were not collabs. Gen 3 pairs were rocking for a while. The whole Fade series was absolutely killer too. They made them somewhat limited, 3,000 pairs I believe. While I don't think it is limited enough, it is still fairly limited compared to what we have now. There were some great colorways and releases that were tough to find at times too.

    Throughout the whole Gen 3 life though, we have always had some great collabs. I'm sure we all have our favorite ones out of the lengthy list. I love the STPL x Liberty pair a ton and I think the SE Bikes pair is my favorite. There have also been some pretty lame collabs during the life as well. These were always just a special bag or maybe an etching on the lens of a Summit pair or something. It would be nice to jump start the collab market as it seems to have died out in recent times.

    Going forward, I'm not sure what the exact answer is. They could kill them off and bring back a gen 4 like @SoulfulFROG mentioned. I personally would be bummed, but at the same time it could help the team get back to the drawing board to figure it all out. I think pairs definitely need to be somewhat limited too. It would help with people getting excited over the pairs, rather than everyone being able to buy endless amounts. I would also try to avoid reusing colorways/color schemes. I think Oakley has plenty of creativity to come up with some killer future releases.

    Sorry for the long post, I just figured I would share my thoughts on the whole thing. Hopefully we can see the Frogskins section in here become more active as well!
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