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Are frogskins really not as important as they used to be?


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Georgetown, ON.
Being a new collector I've fell in love with frogskins and the various varieties of colors they come in. I'm just curious on the thoughts of long term collectors. Have they decreased in value and demand and have they been devalued by the new ones that have been released. I personally love having rare ones. Perhaps some stories on how you may have come by your rarities from the past. Or have most tried to move on to other styles. Just a discussion on even some history of these desirable shades.
I think like all other collections, you have peaks and troughs: on month they're 'two a penny' then after a few months they're 'hot to trott'. It's just peoples tastes, the exchange rates and fashion.
I do concur. ;)

Frogs are nice and their values do fluctuate. It's always going to be like that.
hmmmm that really depends bro. Not everybody has the same taste value wise as you can see they are made plastics and made cheaply so value really depends. I know you remember those concept studio frogs?? now those are in a different league of their own. I remembered they have those limited collettes for 200 something now they sell for 350-400.
Understood. I'm just curious too as how some colectors came across there rare ones. Personally Ive paid the big bucks for some. For an example how would Thomas have come across his eastern boarders. Hearing of a pending release perhaps and waiting on line to be the first to grab a pair or just like me paying the big bucks from someone who had done that. Ready to scalp the first chance they get. Not that it's bad at all to do that