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Are My New Frogs Genuine?

Ben G

Oakley Expert
Essex, UK
Hello, i'm new here and i'm cheekily hitting the ground running by asking a question as my début post!

So i've recently decided to follow the way of the Frog, having had a few pairs of Oakley's over the years, i've always favoured their design and optics over others, but it's only over the last few months ive really taken to the Frogskins after seeing a pair of VR|46 frogs at the airport, i knew these were for me.

I've bought a couple other pairs but i'm questioning my latest purchase, a pair of crystal blacks with oo red iridium's i've just bought off eBay. They were being sold used but as in new condition, but when they arrived, apart from a few micro marks on the lenses i could live with, something doesn't seem right about them..

The Frogskins logo on the inner arm appears to sit further in & slightly smaller than my others & photos i've seen online.
The made in USA logo again, further in & smaller.
No SKU (is that the right phrase?) number on that arm either.
I can see a small star in the corner of the frame where the 'frogskin' arm mounts to. this is not on my other pairs.
The corners of the 'hinges' of the arms are more rounded than the others.
The moulding marks/lines along the edges of the frame are sharper & more prominent
They appear to fit tighter than my other 3 pairs.
The lenses are a lot harder to pop out as the frame has less 'give/flex'
And generally they 'sound' different, when you tap the arms against the frame or the whole item against a table, more 'plasticy' or 'hollow', nothing like my other pairs.

Now i'm guessing this all could be something to do with the manufacturing process of the crystal ones over solid, but then they are different to my clears, but i'm too new so don't know if the was a difference in manufacturing over the years?

I've tried capturing a few of these in photos, hopefully they're clear enough.

If anyone can help i would be more than grateful, then i can send them back for a refund to fund more real frogs :)



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Ah nice, thanks for the info. I wasn't too sure what the differences were between the 2nd & 3rd gens, I knew that the 1st Gens had metal hinges, but nothing of the seconds! But now I know what to look for in the future :)

Are they a bit more valuable being old? I'm quite surprised at the condition of them even more now if they've made it this far, lol.

Cheers :)
I read with them being clear they try hide the bumf behind the exterior oakley writing....as not to affect the wearable view
Ah, fair enough OGfrog, I'll just be happy with their cleanness for their age, still look good in a collection :)

It is a nice little design touch hiding behind the logo Belfry, I'm surprised they didn't continue that with the latter frogs, not that it's much of a distraction, but it's all about the little details :)
They definitely look real, and the clear pairs tend to be a bit stiffer when popping out lenses.

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