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  1. Tomtucker

    Tomtucker Oakley Enthusiast

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    Talking about the same lens tint. For instance , are a black iridium lens produced the same way in 2016 as it was in let's say 1999, or have Oakley changed the way they are manufactured, has there been improvements or the opposite in the lens ?. Is it the same lens tint, clarity, and so on.

    I of course have several new black iridium lenses and i just went though my crates and found a never worn m-frame from 1999 i think , and the black iridium does not look different than the ones from this year.

    But perhaps someone had some info about lenses through the years, be it black iridium or some of the other lenses

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  2. NoFair

    NoFair Oakley Expert

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    My BI lenses from the 90s look just like the ones I have today. Ruby and fire have changed a bit since back then.
  3. Ghostrider757

    Ghostrider757 Oakley Beginner

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    My black Iridium Polarized look different from my Flak Jackets to Split Jackets if that helps any, then again I bought the splits used so who knows, maybe they were switched for VR28's.
  4. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    BIP and VR28BIP look reeeeaaaaaaaally different
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  5. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    imo all lenses have very subtle tint differences. My Shocktube, Jawbone, and PB II all have BI (or BIP) and one's warmer/colder than the other. +Red can vary in how much of a blue tint it holds (and that goes hand-in-hand with the noticeable change in finish. That just boils down to production batches and tooling consistency, not necessarily era.
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