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Are these real Titanium Square Wire 2.0s?


Oakley Collector
I have a pair of titanium Square Wire 2.0s and inside of the bridge, the word "TITANIUM" is stamped. On the T-Wire though, there is no stamp. However, he is saying that these are titanium SQUARE WIRE 2.0s. I think they are either regular silver SW 2.0s....or MAYBE T-Wire 2.0. Not TI SW 2.0. What do you guys think?? And if they were T-Wire 2.0s...they would have the greyish socks. I think these are plain silver SW 2.0...even though he says they are titanium. I'm waiting to see what the arms say and if there is a sku #.

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Oakley Collector
I don't have a sku# yet, I asked be he didn't get back to me. The titanium 2.0s I have SAY titanium on the inside of the bridge. These do not. And if they were T-Wires, the socks would be a different color...and most likely the lenses. BUT...you can change the socks and lenses. They are one of the two. SW 2.0s with a silver finish....or (and I highly doubt it) T-Wire 2.0 with different socks and lenses. My titanium SW 2.0s say "titanium" inside of the bridge like I said. These don't.


Oakley Collector
His reply....

"Thank you for catching that for me. I can't believe i made that mistake. I have so many pairs and some so old that I have lost track of a few and this was one of them. I just took it off and will be resisting correctly this coming weekend.

These do have the spring hinges though.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!"

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