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Are theses real and how much are they worth

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Oakley Beginner
Hey guys
I'm new to the forum thought a would pop up a wee question

I'm from the uk
Was in Florida a few years ago on holiday and a always fancied Oakley sunglasses so when a was out shopping as u do a came across a wee sunglasses shop so a decided to treat myself

All a know is there Oakley with a carbon affect frame with black lenses a also have orange tint lenses too extra cost

My question

Are they real I have carry case sadly no pics with other lenses and how much are they now worth

A have seen on the net there rare supposedly ??

Sorry pics arnt great




Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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They are real. Not really sure how much they are "worth". Maybe $120 or so?

Thanks guys for ur help

I am happy with them for some reason a thought they where rare

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