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  1. acaixguard

    acaixguard Oakley Beginner

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    Thought I would just share this, since I kept getting different answers on how different the Asian fit Flak Jackets are compared to the standard fit. Some people, including Oakley reps, told me the only difference is in the nose bombs.

    I recently got a pair of Flak Jackets. Turned out not to be a great fit for me, even with the larger nose bombs installed. I then ordered an Asian fit Flak, and even though the difference is minor, it makes a big difference in feel.

    Here is a picture showing the difference. Standard fit on the left, Asian fit on the right. Both have the XLJ lenses (different tints though).
    Asian Fit (Flak Jackets) - IMG_2085.jpg

    As you can see, the curvature of the face is flatter on the Asian fit. This results in the ear stems feeling less tight on the temples, and the ear tips have greater distance between them.

    Another pic...
    Asian Fit (Flak Jackets) - IMG_2086.jpg

    The same lenses will fit both frames though.

    Hopefully this clears it up for those who are unsure of whether the Asian fit Flak Jacket has a different frame than the standard fit.
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  2. Feeenix

    Feeenix Oakley Beginner

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    Thank you for this!!
  3. DKO

    DKO Oakley Enthusiast

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    Me too. thank you very much for this. I purchased Flak jacket Asian Fit frames based on this post alone. Extremely helpful. Throughout the forum there are pieces of this comparison, but you lay it out very clearly with photos.
    I was hesitant, because my Scalpel and Racing Jacket Asian Fits are just bigger nose pads and I was hesitant to buy another Asian Fit that didn't fit that well.
  4. jdd32

    jdd32 X Metal Workshop

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    You can also flatten out the frames easily to make your own custom fit (ie. DIY Asian fit from a standard fit frame if it's only the slight curvature different you're after). Remove the lenses, dunk the frame in boiling water or use hair dryer for about 30 seconds to soften the O-Matter, and then gently massage the frame to your desired shape. Repeat until you're happy. You can go hulk on newer O-Matter frames without ever fear of breaking them, but older frames can become brittle and snap.