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Authentic Livestrong Jawbones?


Oakley Beginner
Hi all,

Would greatly appreciate some help. I'm trying to work out whether or not a pair of Jawbone glasses are authentic.

They look real but have Livestrong livery, I could be wrong(?) but is this exclusive to only black/yellow gear or is this possible?


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They are fake, all livestong stuff from oakley is black and yellow. some with most things livestong. i would say these are 100% fake.
It's very possible they are authentic, but changed the Livestrong rubber pieces out because the others were damaged or cracked. The actual glasses look like they could go either way.
The worrying thing is that they were sold as new & there are several other pairs in different colours with the Livestrong logo, so alarm bells rang. Especially when I came across some Chinese sellers!
http://www.c2coffer.com/i_20393076-OAKL ... WhiteBlack

Anyway, managed to get a refund, the guy was very easy to deal with, if they were genuine I missed a bargain but rather not take the risk. Sent Oakley an image, be interesting to see if they get back to me.
i need more pictures of the inside of them and above etc.. but to me, they look authentic just have the wrong earsocks on them. Defo not Livestrong though, as the guy said.. there onnly black annd yellow..
Those are fake 1:1 Livestrong Jawbones. here's some sample pics from a chinese fake sunglasses seller website.


Group Shot of Fakes :lol:
Def. fake because the earsocks on the livestrong jawbones are yellow not black like in the picture