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  1. cmebulldog

    cmebulldog Oakley Beginner

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    So I called Oakley to ask about the back ordered grips from a couple of months ago. I wasn't a jackass, the guy on the line was real cool and said they were waiting for the stores to send in furor extras to then turn around and ship them out to people like me. I said no prob, thanks etc...

    Today I get a package from Oakley with a $25 gift card as a 'sorry for the trouble' type deal. That was totally unexpected...and awesome!
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  2. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    As I've stated before, I've gotten better customer service from Oakley than any large company I've ever worked with (cell provider, cable provider, retail stores, etc.).

    Just today I called about some earsocks for a pair of frames and while they are backordered, they've submitted an order for when they come back in stock. Got to a person quickly, they were professional and helpful, everything taken care of very quickly. Been that way every time I've called in. Not only do they meet customer service expectations, they usually exceed them.
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    IUSTEVE Oakley Expert

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    I've recently been dealing with O CS and have been blown away. Same situation some socks on b/o and every time they have been awesome.

    I also have a frame in getting replacement lenses and they had to contact me for some more info and they have been better than good. The turnaround time to swap lenses and get back to me was next to nothing.

    A++ customer service in today's society is almost non-existent but oakley has proven that wrong atleast with me.
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