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  1. Hawaii-5-Jo

    Hawaii-5-Jo Oakley Enthusiast

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    This is my first post in ages! I stayed away so I could fund my other addiction LOL
    But I'm back at it again. Some of my new buys over the past few months

    Got a Troy Lee Eyepatch 2. Love the color scheme on this one! Kind of hot rod-ish
    Back at it again - Troy Lee Eyepatch 2 - image_zpsxlldcw6a.jpg

    Found this Beauty a Ducati matte black Inmate
    Back at it again - Troy Lee Eyepatch 2 - image_zpsc3gmiglw.jpg

    I found a Grape Juice Dispatch. Was totally happy with that as the original dispatch is probably one of my favorite frames and by the time I even bought my first pair of dispatches they were already being discontinued:(

    Also got a few Fox racing shades.
    I never knew oakley did some of their stuff. Got this frame called "the Remit" and it's basically the Dispatch 1 frame with the triangle bridge flipped upside down WOOOOHOOOO
    Back at it again - Troy Lee Eyepatch 2 - image_zps79dmc52w.jpg

    And this is my other addiction that steals my oakley funds LOL
    Back at it again - Troy Lee Eyepatch 2 - image_zpsjaqqrlld.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. TheWannaBe

    TheWannaBe Jannard fan club member #1 Premium Member

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    Nice! Love the bike