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i have the vertical laptop bag for my laptop and i have an icon pack as well. i love both of them can cant wait to pick up a kitchen sink soon. never had any problems with either and ive had my laptop back for 5 years now


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I know I'm late in replying, but in terms of civi backpacks, I've had a very mixed experience.

I bought a Toolbox 2.0 2nd hand, and it is the best backpack I have ever used. I take it out on my mountain bike, and beat the crap out of it on the commute and its still going strong. Plus its very comfortable, a decent size and has a helmet spider which is extremely useful.

I was bought an AP Pack for Christmas this year, and the stitching has started to comes loose around the shoulder straps which is very disappointing. I think there's a worrying trend with the quality of the O pack's as of late, all the newer stuff has seemed a lot more flimsy. I compared the Toolbox 2.0 to I think was a 4.0 in the Covent Garden store a little while back and it just didn't seem as well built.

I need to befriend someone with a mil ID so I can buy an Icon 2.0 in Multicam from the SI store :p


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i use the toolbox as well for biking and it´s pretty comfortable....
the second which i use very often is the sandbag. it´s not that big but very cool & perfect for a trip.


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Jon, just got my panel pack from SI and it is great! Not too big, not too small. Fits my 15" MBP perfectly, and has little slots for all kinds of things. My only small gripe is that the "carry" handle is somewhat flimsy. Other than that, you can't beat it for $42.50 on SI! They sell for $100+ on ebay since they are discontinued.