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BATWOLF - Custom

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Deleted member 24

I went to my local O Store today and couldn't resist picking this up. They're customizing Batwolf in the store, so I snagged this one. I liked the color combo and it goes well with my yellow Corvette :D! It has a polished black frame, sunset icons and fire iridium lenses. I got a set of blue icons for the second pair:

Those are sweet!!! The fire Iridium looks awesome with those icons! I love that the batwolf has so many different icons to swap out!
The icons are fairly inexpensive, it's the sunglasses that cost :D! I think they're only 12 bucks per pair. I'm currently in the process of customizing a set of chrome icons I have. Since I have two of the chrome sets of icons, I'm painting one set yellow. It should go great with my car LOL!
how do these fit you? I got mine in this afternoon and i've never had a pair of oakleys fit me so horribly. I have to stick with the fuel cell's.
the wrap on the frame was to severe.
Yoshi, personally I love the fit of the Batwolf. I have a larger face so the Fuel Cells, Batwolf and Oil Rigs fit me great. If you have a smaller face, they may not be for you.

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