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Ever since I got my 2nd pair of x metals (XS) i m waiting to purchase my 3rd pair. I love the XS style frames. They are the best for my face shape by far. Eventually I like to have every color combo they made for display and have a extra pair for a daily/patina pair just to wear.

Let me see what y’all are rocking in that said category! Bc let’s face it mint is the best to look at. But imperfections and patina tell a story that other just can’t tell. The battle worn of everyday use!

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Kaneohe, HI
Nice, there was a member who just loves rust finishes, I forgot who it was 🤔
I'm gonna say that's me, but wouldn't be surprised if it was someone else. I currently have a Plasma XS on it's way to Zach for the same treatment as my Juliets. (That bones Plasma XS that X-Metal Beast sold on forums last week)

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