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Beauty & Youth (B&Y) Frogskins


Oakley Collector
Premium Member
The Tortoise w/ Emerald are very similar to the fragment design pair, and the gold logo is very similar to the current Frogskins Tortoise LX frames. How limited are these?


Oakley Beginner
Never been a fan of tortoise.... I don't know why. I like it on others, but not on myself. If I wore them, i'd have to put in 24k lenses...


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
Tortoise and Emerald?

Looks just like an OCP combo to me.

Seems anyone can get some custom microbags made in china, upload a custom etching image(there is a one time cost about £100 in the UK to do this) onto the OCP site and create a "Oakley X" colab of our own.

Lame release