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Best Backpack To Get For College?


Oakley Beginner
need something to hold books and laptop in, along with other pouches. Maybe something I would also be able to take camping with me.
kitchen sink is by far the biggest. i have an old flak pack 2.0 which is a good size for me, i use it as a carry on and it holds a few days of clothes. great to hold my 13" mbp, and it carrys my books for school, rarely.
may be an old post, but if you can get your hands on status pack grab it. comes with a laptop/ipad sleeve. plenty of pockets for everything you need
If it's just for college or commuting, then I can heartily recommend the BugEye. It's what I use when I cycle to work.
Not too big or too small, but still quite a few pockets etc.