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  1. BOS2CLT

    BOS2CLT Oakley Beginner

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    I just wanted to get everyone's opinion of a good frame/ lens system that would work for general weekend warrior sports (flag football, softball, beach volleyball, basketball). I need them not only to shield my eyes from the sun, but also to protect them from sand, rocks, fingers etc.

    Currently I wear split jackets, but with Oakley seeming to be phasing them out, I'm concerned about replacement parts if I break them.

    It needs to have replaceable lenses and I would like to be able to get easily get parts in case (or when) I break them.

    I was thinking of the Radar Locks because of how easy the lenses are to change or the M frames because they have been around for so long. Most of the discussions seem to be around cycling which I don't do so I wanted to see what everyone thought.

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  2. da_nige

    da_nige Oakley Enthusiast

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    I was going to say Radar or Radarlock. I use my Radars for everything now - golf, driving, general day to day use. I find them more comfortable than my M frames
  3. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    Flak Jackets of the newer Half Jackets 2.0 I think would make great all around frames
  4. Big Al 2112

    Big Al 2112 Oakley Beginner

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    You can't go wrong with flak jackets. They are probably the most versatile frame out there. They work great for sports and casual wear. They are very comfortable and have many lens options. Radars/Radarlocks are very great sports frames as well. They are very comfortable and provide great coverage for your eyes. M-Frames are great but I find the newer frames to be even more comfortable. You really can't go wrong. Your best bet would be to try them on and see which ones you like best.
  5. region11

    region11 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Away from cycling i use flak jackets. Good for most sports out there :)
  6. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    I have racing jackets, and they work awesome.
  7. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    The M Frame is the most versatile, functional pair out there.

    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There's a reason they're still in use after 24 years (with a few updates).

    5 current lens sizes, plenty of lens options, incredibly comfortable, the most peripheral coverage with the least encroachment, lightweight, sticks to your head... I could keep going.

    That said, get some pairs on your head! People obviously have different opinions when it comes to style, and all of our heads are different so the fit won't be universal.

    Fast, Flak, Half Jackets, Radar, Radarlock, M Frame, Racing Jacket.

    BTW, this man agrees with me. M Frames in the NBA.
    Best Frames For A Variety Of Sports - amare-goggles-phoenix-suns.jpg
  8. Rezechs

    Rezechs Oakley Enthusiast

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    Jawbone/Racing Jacket if you only want one pair they have excellent coverage from sand and such more than radars Imo and they have tons of customization if you are into that
  9. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    All the answers are on point. Radar/Radarlock gives the best range of vision along with the M-Frame. It'd basically be a matter of which one fits your head better and/or looks better to you.

    The Racing and/or Split Jacket probably gives the best wind/sand coverage.

    The Flak/Fast/Half Jacket pass so much better than the rest as casual wear, although at the same time I consider them a bit bland. I'd rather go bold with some Racing Jackets.

    I use the Radarlock for cycling and sometimes as casual wear. Starting to care less about how weird it can look in public because it's very comfortable for me to wear.
  10. jrd5497

    jrd5497 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I use my Radar and Radarlocks for everything. You can't go wrong with those. I also like my M frames too