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Best Lenses To Purchase For My Radar? (Indoors)


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
I want to know which are the best lenses for indoor gun ranges for the Radar?

I'm thinking of the yellow but they aren't vented. I wish they had Yellow Polarized Vented. (There is a lot of glare from the lights at indoor gun ranges and they are usually on the hot side in terms of temperature).

Anyone here in the Military or Law Enforcement that go to gun ranges or just regular Civilians that might want to chime in on this? What type of lenses do you use when you go shooting?

I might just go with the clear vented. Not sure though. I already have Grey and Black Iridium for the Radar.
i would try that and i thing there gonna make a G30 polarized too. so if that does come out it might be really good. if not yellow for sure maybe even the persimmon might work
I have usually used yellow with my M-Frames and never had a problem with glare. Clear is always a good choice for indoors too. Hope that helps.
The Glare I was talking about comes from the incandescent lights they have at indoor ranges, (Glare off the firearms especially if they are metal).

I might just go with the Clear vented. Fogging is a big issue at indoor range's especially in the summer.

What's the difference between the both Persimmon's? One is HT and one is Regular? Someone recommended HT, why the HT over the regular?

Does anyone know if Oakley has Yellow available in vented?
Ht? Maybe u mean h.I.? It stands for high intensity and it used to eliminate blue light.
Check the site to see if they have the vented in the shape u use