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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by AlanMcCorkle, 9/1/11.

  1. AlanMcCorkle


    Anyone have recent experience with shipping a single width tower 16x12x72? Looking for suggestions on most reliable/cost effective methods. Thanks!

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  2. Unknowndoom


    Can't tell ya from experience with cases, but I can with similar to bigger and more fragile, your gonna have to higher a freight company, or a guy with a pickup and time, either way your gonna be spending money, since it's less then a full truck it might be cheaper to check with various freight companies, but still since it's probably not something you can throw on an invoice and not worry about, look for guys with trucks and time in need of money

  3. AlanMcCorkle


    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, there really is no easy way to ship a single width tower and I will be sure to post any notes from my adventures in shipping. Moving one 400 miles is one thing; 1800 is a different story all together.

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