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  1. Enders

    Enders Oakley Enthusiast

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    looking at getting a new/ lightly used minute machine, and I originally wanted to buy straight from Oakley, but at 1500 plus tax when they are on e-Bay new for like 600-1000 it seems like a waste. So where is the best place?
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  2. Pulga

    Pulga Oakley Beginner

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    Resorted to E-Bay to get mine. Waited until someone posted a very good "Buy It Now" price and jumped. I've also seen them on Craigslist for between $500 - $800.
  3. bad fishy

    bad fishy Oakley Expert

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    There's a good looking one on the Houston craigslist for $400. If I had the money or liked the MM more I would be all over it.
  4. Oakley-olic

    Oakley-olic Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I have 2, one black/silver dials and blue sapphire used excellent condition from CL the other a new silver/black dials from Ebay. Got both for less than 1 at retail. Some Ebay sellers are authorized Oakley dealers selling new with best offers far below retail. Others a bid style and have seen them go for as low as 1/2 retail. Got my Hollow Point that way. Good luck, I love the MM's, they seem to get noticed.