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Best prizm lenses for daily use?


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I’m going to get a new pair of Holbrook’s and there’s are my options which one of these do you think is the best for daily use there all prizms jade, sapphire, black, road, shallow water and deep water I know there’s a lot of options but I’m looking for something with great contrast and great overall color pop

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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VR28 Black Iridium
00 Black Iridium
Tungsten/Titanium Iridium
Although...they're not prizm lenses.

Deep Water Prizm is up there too.
Daily Prizm

OO BIP and VR28 Black are probably my all time favorites, but hard to find.



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Pr Black Pol, Pr Maritime Pol, Pr Jade Pol, Pr Daily Pol, Ruby Iridium.


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prizm daily polarized.... are pretty darn good daily wear lens.

If you want some flashier polarized lenses go with prizm deep or shallow water....
if you don't care for polarized tints, prizm jade is pretty snazzy

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Oakley Beginner
(im oakleykye but im on my pc account) right now im debating on either getting the prizm deep water polarized prizm sapphire polarized or prizm black polarized but atticus said that the prizm black is for very sunny days and not every day is sunny were i live so im kind of looking for a more vesatile lens if prizm black isnt too dark i might get it what do you guys think black p sapphire p or dwp? becuase if black can be used for daily wear i might could choose that but people say dwp is really good and sapphire looks pretty good too?

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so your options would be sapphire p and dwp over black for daily ill will go to my local sunglass hut and try them out i just wanted to get a good idea and what do you mean by color changes from middle to edge?