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Best Sunglasses For Skiing?

The frenchy

Oakley Beginner
I want to know the best frames to ski, i usually cry because of the air coming to my eyes when im skiing fast (and i go fast most of the time), is there a pair to avoid it? Maybe Wind Jackets but i don't like the look, other ideas?
Seriously? I already have goggles (A Frame and Splice), but i want to ski with glasses, not a google. Its more confortable when its hot (in south alps we can have over 0° celsius)
I think Radars/M-Frames would be a good starting point, since they are sport orientated and offer decent coverage.

I wore Gascans last time I went skiing - what a mistake that was, I should have taken my M-Frames - or anything with unobtanium, as I almost lost them by showing off which resulted in me face planting in the snow.
yup ditto on the radar/M frame. pref. a polarised lens to cut glare off the snow.. maybe black Irid Pol. or Ice irid Pol will be good, grey base lens. get the largest lens for maximum coverage/ air deflection. in the radar its the "Range", On M frame its the "Heater". you cana lso get vented variants to avoid lens fog.